Goodbye Europe, Hello Africa: Changing continent without plane.

As our Schengen visa was coming to an end, not taking the plane brought an extra challenge to our next steps. Yet, as it was winter, one solution clearly stood out: Africa. After hitchhiking across France and Spain, we were finally ready to cross to Morocco! Well, almost.

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Hitchhiking in Spain: Can we do it or not?

Day 1 : Will we leave Barcelona?

After spending more than 10 days with our Couchsurfing host, who quickly became a friend, I must admit we were a little worried about leaving. During our stay, we had seen more than 2 couples who tried to hitchhike come back the same night or a few days later, with very bad hitchhiking experiences. Everyone told us ‘’There is just no hitchhiking in Spain.’’ Of course, we had to try for ourselves.

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