The safety issue (or my issues with how we talk about safety)

This is probably the most important and most ambiguous concept when you travel: Safety.

Everyone understands the general concept: keep your things safe, avoid looking like a lost tourist, be careful when it’s dark. My problem is this: sometimes there is very thin line between legitimate safety advices and concerns and racism and prejudice. Let me explain. Continue reading

A thought process, being critical and questionning yourself.

This is what EthicalWanders is about. It is not about choosing an ethical way to live and travel and maintain our ways consistently. It’s not about following a guideline about what is ethical and simply sticking to it. So how can you travel ethically? It’s about questionning ourselves, every step of the way. It’s about taking the time to think and question ourselves : What is the best way to eat here and now? What is the best way to move around here and now? What is the best way to sleep and find accomodation here and now?

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