All about hitchhiking: The how, the whys, the beauty and the hard part.

How did we start hitchhiking?

We were volunteering at Agape Eco-Farm, in the small village of Ljesevici Village, near Tivat, in Montenegro. Beautiful place, but very remote when you don’t have a car, which was no problem, until came our days off -woohoo! But how to get out of this hole? (The camp wasn’t open yet).Then, Pasha, the mind who started the project, looked at us and said, very simply: ‘’Hitchhike!’’. In all honesty, I just stared at him with complete surprise, unsure if he was serious or not- which shows how familiar I was with the concept then. I mean, I had heard of hitchhiking, but me? Doing it, just like this? Don’t you need a lot of mental preparation for this, a handbook of some sort or a friend to show you how?

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