The pollution behind these words.

Did you know that: “Worldwide, the digital warehouses use about 30 billion watts of electricity, roughly equivalent to the output of 30 nuclear power plants, according to estimates industry experts compiled for The Times” (Glanz, J. 2012)? At this rate, the internet industry will account for more global warming than the Airline industry?

Internet is not the zero-waste, clean resource it seems to be. Every word typed, every picture uploaded, every undeleted email, every website created constitute infinite data that, although we tend to forget, needs to be stored. Continue reading


Morocco Animal Aid and why I took a plane to Italy

I met Chris as I was walking back to my settlement on the beach of Taghazout with my one-night dog I named Picasso, who turned out to be Django, one of the many village dogs everybody knows and loves.

[Although they are free and don’t have a specific owners, I would not call them strays, but community dogs, most of them vaccinated and neutered, as part of a long-term research program in cooperation with multiple European countries, including France and Italy. A few years back, they started implanting and studying the impact of the neuter and release method to control dog populations in a safe, ethical and durable way. The project was going great and Taghazout and the neighbour villages were illustrated as revolutionary examples of beautiful cohabitation between human and dog communities. That was then.

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