When your backpack gets stolen -or how to survive a robbery.

What’s one of the biggest fears of any traveller? Probably getting robbed, right? Everybody gives advice on how to avoid getting robbed, or we all say ‘’be careful with your stuff’’, but what happens when you lose everything? Do you keep travelling?

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Hitchhiking in Spain: Can we do it or not?

Day 1 : Will we leave Barcelona?

After spending more than 10 days with our Couchsurfing host, who quickly became a friend, I must admit we were a little worried about leaving. During our stay, we had seen more than 2 couples who tried to hitchhike come back the same night or a few days later, with very bad hitchhiking experiences. Everyone told us ‘’There is just no hitchhiking in Spain.’’ Of course, we had to try for ourselves.

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Purpose of this blog-and why it doesn’t matter

I hope to bring you (and myself) a little more faith in the world with all the wonderful people I meet and the great experiences I was offered, but I also wish to be sincere and critical. Therefore, I will also write about the injustice I will be confronted with, as not mentioning it would only help erasing it from our minds, but not from the world. In other words, to the best of my abilities, and to the best of my biases, my blog will also include critical pieces about the state of the world we live in today. Continue reading

A thought process, being critical and questionning yourself.

This is what EthicalWanders is about. It is not about choosing an ethical way to live and travel and maintain our ways consistently. It’s not about following a guideline about what is ethical and simply sticking to it. So how can you travel ethically? It’s about questionning ourselves, every step of the way. It’s about taking the time to think and question ourselves : What is the best way to eat here and now? What is the best way to move around here and now? What is the best way to sleep and find accomodation here and now?

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